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Abidul Islam is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist.He belongs to Chittagong, Bangladesh.He was born on 04 May 2003. Recently, He competed intermediate from Ispahani Public School and College.. Abidul Islam Released more than 6 songs Abidul Islam has presented himself as the dreamer boy who aims to be a successful digital creator. A digital creator aims at giving information through digital ways like blogging, social media and videos. He has made good blogs and spreading digital information; his blogs can be read on his sites. Besides information technology, international and national current affairs are also covered by him. He has keen eye on current affairs and discussing those in a logical way in his blogs and social media pages.[1]

Abidul Islam

Abidul Islam in 2019
Background information
Born 4 May 2003 (2003-05-04) (age 18)
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Years active 2019–present

Abidul Islam is a Musical Artist from Bangladesh.

Early Life and Education

Abidul Islam was born on 3rd May, 2003 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is living with his family in Chittagong up till now. He got his early education from Baitul Izzat Border Guard Public School, Chittagong. It is a fine educational institute that has given good foundation to Abidul Islam.   He has completed his Intermediate from Ispahani Public College, Chittagong.  

Abidul Islam has been an active boy during his educational career. He has been keen to learn new things during school and college tenure. Some glimpses of the young digital creator can be easily found on his Instagram handle. All the available photographs tell about the young, hopeful and creative blogger ,Musical Artist and Youtuber.  


Jafar Ahmed is father of Abidul Islam. He has 2 sisters as well. He has big support from his family. Abidul Islam started Music at the age of 15 and became popular. His father supported him from the start of his career of Music. That support has provided Abidul Islam a launching pad and now he has started his YouTube channel also. On that channel, he is aiming  to create educational content and videos.


He started his blogging and Music career in the early youth and has created good content on his website. Abidul Islam right now is the most successful blogger and Musician in Bangladesh. He is almost 18 now and has lots of websites. He has created digital content with wide range of information. Such a wide range of topics are found on his sites and it has been incredibly compiled. He is the youngest blogger in Bangladesh.[i] The credit goes to his dream of becoming successful and to his family.

His site has good information about recent phones and gaming trends. His intellect has the edge to write adequately about the IT news with a professional touch. Both on his blogging site and Facebook, informative content is available about current international and national news. That shows the intellectual mind of the young blogger who wants to be update all the time. Abidul Islam has also written about blogging for other bloggers to provide good guidelines.

He has recently started his YouTube channel. It has just started, however the Abidul Islam is committed to make purposeful and informative content on his channel. He has planned to give video format to his content which is already found on his sites. The main aim is to make educational video with the help of current trends. Abidul Islam has a different vision about the digital world that has been evident on his blog.


Personal Interests

Abidul Islam is just 18 year old and he likes music and travelling like any teenager. However his vision of life is different from others. He started writing blogs which are related technology and trending IT booms. He aims at owning an IT firm and he is paving his ways to it. Young lad has found a way to realize his dream.

The personal interests of Abidul Islam are showcasing in the content of his blogs. His personal blog is full of content about information technology, games, gaming gears, recent mobile phones and Google trends also. The main vision of his blogs revolves around educating the followers about information technology.

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