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Abhinandan Jhamb
Born Abhinandan Jhamb
08 July 1992
Nationality Indian
Occupation Managing Dirctor
Known for Web Developer, Software Developer & Digital Marketing Expert.

Every Life

Abhinandan Jhamb is a successful entrepreneur, IT expert, and musician. He began his entrepreneurial journey at an early age. He has been working hard to achieve his ambitions. Abhinandan is always driven to innovation, and he was a curious learner.

With time his diligence paid off. Digital marketing has grown in popularity over time, and some businesses prefer it over traditional marketing. As a result, Abhinandan Jhamb decided to take his first step into entrepreneurship and founded Codesoftic Tech Private Limited in 2015.

Abhinandan has gained a lot of success within a short period. But in his initial phase, he faced too many hardships and struggles while starting his business to what it stands today. Now he helps to grow small-scale and medium-scale businesses with his innovative strategies and ideas.


Over the past, Mr. Abhinandan Jhamb has managed and developed many artists from scratch to Elite, charting their tracks on many social media platforms, helping them maximize their digital presence. Over time, Mr. Abhinandan Jhamb aims to take on board artists from different countries around the world and showcase their hidden talents.

Abhinandan Jhamb is a motivated and passionate Entrepreneur, always looking for new challenges and opportunities. His passion for the arts started at a young age, and he has grown to become a skilled, and recognized Entrepreneur. He started as an IT and Digital Marketing. Now he became a successful businessman, IT expert, and entrepreneur through his hard work and dedication.

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