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Abdullah Khan Tomal
Born 13 March 1998 (1998-03-13) (age 24)
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Graduated on music from Music School Kosta Manojlović,Zemun [1] and complete a course of Diploma in Textile (4 year)
Occupation Junior executive of Textile Department (Dyeing & Finishing), Producing Music
Years active 2016 - present
Known for Musician, Fashion Designer.
Home town Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Height 5.7"
Religion Islam


Abdullah Khan Tomal (Was born on 13 march 1998) is a Bangladeshi Music Composer. He works on EDM(Electronic Dance Music), Trance, Trap, HipHop Beat with contemporary techno and urban beats. His music is mainly influenced by MTV [2] while he was in Dhaka for his diploma final year training. [3]

Early life

Abdullah Khan Tomal was born and brought up in Tangail [4], Bangladesh. His ancestral home is in Satiyachara, Pakulla. He attended Bindubasini Govt. Boys High School [5]


2016 :

Abdullah Khan Tomal started working with his first facebook page "TOMAL" [6]. Tomal was already working as a music producer, however he needed a vocalist to develop his new album. While living in Tangail, he found the vocalist Astrin, a student of "LAMDA" [7] who would collaborate with him on the album. [8] In 2016, Tomal released his first album "AND I" [9] a collaborative effort with Tomal producing the music while Astrin sang. The album proved to be a success in Britain, USA and Bangladesh.

2015–2018 : Successful albums and soundtracks

In the next few years, he released and sold 4 Trap music called "SAKIN" [10] "ZUBBAH" [11] "CRUNK" [12] "SIRA" [13] He also released a Chill trap called "SAVE ME" [14] also some dubstep called "ARAN" [15] "Stay With Me" [16] "Ghost Town" [17] (Can view if you added with him on facebook)

2019-2022 :

Abdullah Khan Tomal began a new chapter in his career . He join on a textile job for some personal reason and shut his music career for a while. He started his job life Seriously and trying to make it as first priority. But after 1 year (2020) he released a track on his SoundCloud [18] called "Beliver" [19] A parody song of "imagine Dragon" and its his first release on SoundCloud, after that he is coming back on music life again. Now he handle his job and music same time. Hope he will release his new track soon on SoundCloud [20] also he release some short music on his personal Facebook account [21] (need to be added for view these music)

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