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Native name আব্দুল্লাহ হাসান নাঈম
Born Abdur Rahim
10 February 2003
[[ Nawagram /Nazirganj/ Sujanagar / Pabna / Bangladesh ]]
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Nayem
Education Udaypur High School & Pabna polytechnic Institute
Occupation Freelancer, CEO & Founder ~of DigiLinkHost
Years active 2020 - present
Organization DigiLinkHost
Known for Freelancer, Internet businessman, CEO & Founder of DigiLinkHost
Style Simple
Height 5' 9"
Title Number One freelancer in pabna, CEO of DigiLinkHost
Spouse Single
Awards Top freelancer in pabna
Abdulla hasan Nayem 

Abdullah Hasan Nayem

born February 10th 2003) is an Student of CSE Department , computer programmer, internet entrepreneur . He founder the Freelanceing team (FreelanceLink) and its parent company DigiLinkHost, of which he is executive chairman, chief executive officer and controlling shareholder (partner) 

Abdullah Hasan Nayem


Abdulla Hasan Nayem ( আব্দুল্লাহ হাসান নাঈম ) is a Digital marketer, devoloper, CEO of DigiLinkHost Abdulla Hasan Nayem he started working on social media security and management and is still working on digital marketing. His studies are not completed yet he is continuing his studies from Pabna . But apart from studies, he start a online business. Freelancer & DigiLinkHost .'He currently lives in Pabna


.Abdullah attended pabna Polytechnic Institute , where he launched DigiLinkHost in January 2024 with his business partner Odrij joy, . Originally launched in only select on relatives, the site expanded rapidly and eventually beyond colleges & her friend's , nayem hope reaching one billion users in 2030. Abdullah Hasan Nayem took the company public in May 2022 with majority shares. In 2023 he became the Top listed freelancer. He has since used his funds to organize multiple philanthropic endeavors, including the establishment of the [[DigiLinkHost LTD

Early Life

Abdullah Hasan Nayem was a student at Polytechnic Institute . From childhood, he wanted to do something different. He started working in freelancing when he was only 16 years old. Since then he started to working as a web developer . He has been brought up in the many web of since childhood.

Early life and Education

Abdullah Hasan Nayem is a 18 years old young boy who studied at Pabna polytechnic Institute , Bangladesh.

Freelancing Carrer

Abdullah Hasan Nayem, has worked on the Freelancing local & international marketplace - " Abdullah Hasan Nayem, devoloped & designed many websites


DigiLinkHost is an online business in Bangladesh. The CEO and Founder of DigiLinkHost is Abdullah Hasan Nayem & Odrij Joy. He established DigiLinkHost January 2024. FreelanceLink is essentially a earning platform and media platform . ZingLink is available in all types browser. .

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