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AR1 Group
Type Private
Industry Food
Founder(s) John Nguyen
Hau Nguyen
Headquarters Houston, Texas
Area served United States
Products Asian cuisines

AR1 Group is an American food company that specializes in the research, development, sourcing, and distribution of authentic Asian cuisines. Founded in 2023 by John Nguyen and Hau Nguyen, the company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and serves a diverse clientele across the United States.[1][2]


AR1 Group was officially established in March 2023 with a clear vision: to introduce delicious, traditional Asian foods to a broader American audience. The founders identified a niche for authentic, high-quality Asian cuisines that cater to the varied tastes and preferences of American consumers.[3] Through extensive research, meticulous ingredient sourcing, and comprehensive distribution efforts, AR1 Group has become a trusted provider of authentic Asian cuisines.[4]

Products and services

AR1 Group offers an extensive range of Asian cuisines, with over 700 products categorized under Frozen and Dry foods. The company is particularly renowned for its innovative offerings such as frozen Vietnamese Banh Mi with Fish Cake, frozen corn sticky rice, frozen Saigon salted coffee, frozen fried banana, and frozen traditional Vietnamese noodles, among others. These products highlight AR1 Group's commitment to delivering traditional flavors using high-quality ingredients, all while ensuring convenience for consumers seeking quick gourmet experiences. AR1's product lineup is carefully designed to meet the dynamic needs of American consumers without compromising on taste.[5]


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