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Dashaun "448 Suge" Lipscomb Verified.png
Picture of Dashaun "448 Suge" Lipscomb
PR Specialist, Journalist, Owner of 448 Worldwide Marketing Agency
Native name Dashaun Lipscomb
Born 29 November 1990
Washington, DC
Nationality American
Occupation ceo/founder of 448 Worldwide, Journalist, A&r for Bentley Records.
Known for Journalism & Marketing
Height 6'3"

Early Life

Dashaun Lipscomb also known as 448 Suge is the founder and CEO of 448 Worldwide.[1] Born in washington, DC to a single mother he is the youngest of two boys. Dashaun's mother passed in December of 1993 and he and his brother were then raised by their grandparents. Dashaun grew up in the city of Capitol Heights, Maryland from the age of 3 to 14. Though he was a straight A student, Dashaun suffered heavily from ADHD and major depression due to losing his mother at such a young age and not being able to process why. This would cause Dashaun to have many issues in his youth which eventually culminated in him having to be given over to the state of Maryland as a ward of the state and placed in the "Guide Therapeutic Group Home for boys" after catching a weapons possession charge at the age of 13. His only solace and coping mechanism would be to write raps in his notebook that he one day hoped to put to wax and have a superstar music career. Once he aged out of the social services system in Maryland, Dashaun delved back into a life of crime and aggression eventually landing himself in jail on multiple occasions from the ages of 18-21. He would eventually meet his now-wife Leah Scott in 2012 and start his path towards his dream of being a famous rapper.


Dashaun would finish his high school career at the now-closed Leary School Of Prince Georges located in Oxon Hill, Md. He graduated with a 3.89 average overall during his high school career.Trying college for a brief stint, He would enroll into classes at the University of Phoenix for his bachelors of business science but would be unable to complete it after having to serve a jail sentence for assault of a government official.


Dashaun Lipscomb would start his career as a rapper in 2013 under the name "Sleepy Bonaduce". His first project would be a collaboration with DC-Based producer "DMV RAMAR" alongside his friend and mentor Dominique "Trick" Watson". The positive reaction to his music drove Dashaun to continue his journey and evolve his sound constantly. He would change his name multiple times as his sound and look changed with it eventually settling on the name "Fat Jefe" as his moniker for the remainder of his rap career. in 2015 Dashaun started a company called 448 Music Group which was the precursor to what is now 448 Worldwide. He created the company to further his career as a rapper but soon realized he preferred the CEO/business lifestyle over the rap life. He would release his last song "Jump" which sampled the classic hit single "Jump" by Kris Kross and announce his retirement from the rap scene at the young age of 27. His transition from rapper to business man would pay dividends as the connections and knowledge he obtained from his time as a rapper made him a force to be recognized and respected in the independent music scene. Along with starting 448 Worldwide he would also delve into podcasting and content creation with his friend "Cash" starting the podcast/radio show Vibin On The Set[2] in 2017 as well. The show would do really well earning itself a two season run in both Washington, DC & Baltimore respectively. "VOTS" taking off the way it did inspired Dashaun to get into marketing and branding other companies and artists. In 2018 he would shift his focus away from artist management and focus solely on brand development and marketing. It wouldn't be until 2019 that he would receive his first major client battle rap legend "Big T". He would help revamp Big T's career as the battle rapper was transitioning into a different stage of life and business. their partnership would open up many doors as from there Dashaun would work with multiple major entertainment names like former WWE superstar Briana brandy, Tik Tok Sensation So Supa, Legendary DJ Fatman Scoop and more. His work ethic & recognition by these major names earned him an opportunity to become a journalist as his combined understanding of the music industry, his ability to write and make captivating content, and his passion for the business landed him multiple journalist positions at many high-profile hip-hop publications. His most notable articles have been editorials on the "YSL" rico situation[3] and his piece on the distinction between discgraced r&b legend R. Kelly's personal and professional life[4]. In early 2022, 448 Suge joined the independent music Powerhouse Bentley Records[5]. He has brought talent such as: Fn Herb, Big Gilly, LIVe,Xzai,and Bear to the label as a part of their artist development program. Dashaun also sits as the chief Marketing Officer for Rap aechelon Magazine[6] as well as a journalist for their publication.


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