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FansToys character
FansToys Quakewave box
Created by

Release number

FT-03, FT-03T, FT-03C
Species Transformer
Gender Male

Alternate mode


Quakewave is a fictional character and third party Transformer created by FansToys in 2013 as an homage to the 1984 Transformer Shockwave in Masterpiece scale.


Quakewave is a third party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Shockwave created by FansToys.

Other third party Transformer homages to Shockwave include Mastermind Creations Cyclops, TFC Toys Phantom of Screamer Set and Mech IDeas Longblast.


FT-03 Quakewave was announced in July 2012.

Concept images of FT-03 were released in December 2012. They stated it would cost about $150 and was due for release in February 2013.[1]

FT-03 Quakewave was released in February 2013.

Promotional photos for the Dr. Wu P-38C weapon depicted it being held by Quakewave.

Reissue of FT-03 with darker color, toy version FT-03T and limited translucent FT-03C were announced in April 2015.

FT-03T was released in November 2015.


In the WTF@TFW podcast for December 7th, 2012 Seth selected FT-03 as one of the New Picture Picks.[2]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for December 14th, 2012 the hosts talked about images of the Quakewave prototype.[3]

In the Radio Free Cybertron podcast for December 26th, 2012 FT-03 was one of the topics for discussion. They commented it could be recolored into the Radio Shack version of the toy.[4]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for January 1st, 2013 discussed Quakewave in the news.[5]

In the Radio Free Cybertron podcast for January 30th, 2013 new images of Quakewave were mentioned in the third party roundup.[6]

The Back from the 80s podcast for February 2nd, 2013 talked about Fanstoys Quakewave in the news.[7]


  • FansToys FT-03 Quakewave (2013)
An original mold by FansToys. Turns from cannon to robot. This toy is designed to fit in with the Masterpiece Transformers toy line.



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