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FansProject character
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Species Transformer
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Code is a fictional character and third party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Chromedome made by FansProject in 2012. In 2014 Reprolabels made a set of labels for Code to make it look more like Chromedome. In 2015 a second version of Code was released.



Code is a homage to the Autobot characters Chromedome and Stylor created by FansProject.


A prototype for Code was teased privately for a few people at BotCon 2011.

FansProject first teased their Function-X line of toys at TFcon 2012.[1]

In December 2012 Big Bad Toy Store announced they would give $20 worth of toys to Toys for Tots for every preorder of FansProject Code made before December 16th 2012.[2] TFsource offered a similar deal benefiting the Salvation Army.

The first images of the FansProject Code toy were posted to the internet in December 2012.[3]

Code started to ship after Christmas 2012.

Code virus version shipped in June 2013.


In the Fwooshcast podcast for December 14th, 2012 the hosts talked about teaser images of the Function-X toys.[4]

In the WTF@TFW podcast for December 15th, 2012 Aaron selected the charity preorder offer on Code as one of the New Picture Picks.[5]

In the Radio Free Cybertron podcast for December 26th, 2012 Code was one of the topics for discussion. The hosts of the show had a mixed reaction, which some loving it, and other not liking the head and feet.[6]

Code was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[7]

The WTF@TFW podcast for January 10th, 2013 discussed Code in detail after two of the hosts bought it.[8]

In the TF Beyond podcast for January 13th, 2013 Code was covered as a topic by host TJ Duckett.[9]

The WTF@TFW podcast for January 17th, 2013 discussed the transformation of Code in detail when another host bought it.[10]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for March 4th, 2013 one of the hosts talked about the Code he recently purchased.[11]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for June 2nd, 2013 one of the hosts talked about the FansProject Code he recently purchased.[12]

In the Cybercast podcast for June 30th, 2013 the hosts talked about the Virus recolor of Code in their BotCon 2013 coverage.[13]


An original third party Transformer mold by FansProject. Turns from a car to robot. Comes with a driver and two guns. The car's driver becomes the head of the robot.
The head of Code has a similar, but different mechanism for attaching to his body as the Generation 1 Chromedome has. The result is that while Codes' head can fit on a Generation 1 Headmaster body (without activating the tech spec meter), a Generation 1 head cannot fit on Code.
A black and red recolor of Code
A set of labels intended to make Code look mode like Chromedome. Includes Autobot faction symbols.[14]
A minor recolor of Code in colors more accurate to Generation 1 Chromedome.



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